Advice of Sayidina Ali ibn Abi Talib Karamallahu Wajhah about death

Let's see what advice Sayidina Ali ibn Abi Talib Karamallahu Wajhah about the death of the following: "O people, every man must die to meet (dead) who want to escape . Death is a place where life is leading us there. Running away from it means to catch (because of time spent running from him even more to shorten and speed up the meeting with him). " Do you know about death? By Allah, if your body is crying for a moment things could talk, then told (mautnya sakaratul experience) to you. Undoubtedly you will soon forget the corpse and started to cry for yourselves. (Imam Ghazali atsar Al-Hasan.) The coming of death according to the Qur'an: 1. Death and coercive toward anyone who is ready though humans try to avoid the risks of death. Say: 'Had you been in your homes, people who have been fated to die murdered out (also) to where they were killed. " And Allah (do so), to assess what is in your chest and to clean up what is in your heart. God's omniscience chests. (Q.S: Ali Imran, 3: 154) 2. Death will pursue anyone, although he took cover behind a sturdy fortress or refuge behind sophisticated medical technology as well as hundreds of the best doctors in the face of this earth. Wherever ye are, death will find you even though you are in the high castle again solid. If they get good, they said: "This is from Allah." And if they seized a disaster or calamity, they said: "This comes from thee (Muhammad)". Say: 'Everything comes from Allah ". So why do these people (hypocrites) barely understand the conversation at all?" (Sura: An-Nisa 4:78) 3. Death will pursue anyone even though he ran away. Say: "Verily, the death that you flee from him, surely death will find you, then you will be returned to God who knows the unseen and the manifest. And He will tell you what you were doing. (QS: Al-Jumuah, 62:8) 4. Death came suddenly "Verily Allah, only on his side alone knowledge of the Hour. And He sends rain and knows what is in the womb. And no one on earth who can know where he would die. Allah is Knower, knowing". ( QS: Luqman, 31:34).


Brother, One of the secrets the expensive gift to our Almighty God in the way people are righteous, because we get enlightenment and refreshment of their exceptional. Able for the automatic keshalihannya spirit radiated from him, or even from the words. Or even the mood became more compliant, the fear of God, nevertheless did disobedience, because of their presence. As before, the Prophet Muhammad's companions used to ask for advice and testament to the Prophet Muhammad, in many occasions. And the Prophet Muhammad delivered his advice with a very wise and so impressive. Until one day a friend named Sa'id ibn Yazid al-Azdi ra memnita on Rasulullah SAW, "I exhort ..." he said to the Prophet Muhammad. Then Rasulullah SAW said, "I'm so ashamed wasiatkan you to Allah as you ashamed of the righteous man." (Narrated by Ahmad) Brother, Giving advice to a believer who asked for advice to his brother, including the Prophet Muhammad's sunnah to be filled. Hadith that gives a closer example of the logic of the pen on the substance of the advice the Prophet Muhammad delivered. On how we can prevent ourselves from sin. About how we can make sense of the shame of sin in our shame for something that we segani. About how our thoughts and behavior should be affected by the condition of people who see us, especially by God who is seeing and All-Knowing. Ashamed to Allah, certainly noble attitude. Embarrassed attitude to God, is clearly not the same as being ashamed of mankind, regardless of the level and degree of man. But the hadeeth which only raises the image can be understood, about the shame of sin. And if someone already has an attitude of shame to God Almighty, that attitude could become a barrier fortress of evil behavior, anytime, anywhere, in papaun conditions. The barrier of sin like that would come if the attitude of shame, only comes from human or from a particular state. Brother, Perhaps many people have not much sense if the God Almighty and All-Knowing monitor the situation himself. While the righteous people before, are people who have a high sense of shame to Allah SWT. The level of their shame to God, until in the form of not doing something that should be done. In a hadith reported by Bukhari mentioned that Ibn `Abbas Asked about the word of Allah SWT, the letter Hud verse 5, which means: "Remember, the real (the hypocrites) turned their chests to hide themselves from him (Muhammad). Remember, at the time they wrapped him in cloth, God knows what they hide and what they reveal, for Allah is Knower of all hearts. " Ibn Abbas, commenting on this verse by saying, "In the past the people who have a sense of shame to be alone and away from the state is directly under the sky, and they do not want to have sex with their wives. Then the verse came down on them." Shidiq Abu Bakr said, "you Malulah to God, so I went to a lavatory and then I take refuge with my clothes with Rabbku shame ..." Even Abu Musa said, when he was bathed in a dark house, he did not dare to stand in shame to God Almighty. " Because the same shame, Ayesha r.a. do not go to the location of the cemetery except by the Prophet Muhammad closed private parts. "In the past I often went to the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad and the tomb of my father (Abu Bakr Siddiq ra) and I may take off some kainku by saying that it was my husband and my father's grave. But when 'Umar was also buried at the cemetery location, I did not come there unless clothes in a sealed condition of embarrassment with Umar " (Narrated by Judge) Brother, That is why the Prophet says that shame is always auspicious. For shame if it disappeared, the emergence of ordinary Ra and not care about the assessment of people, especially the assessment of Allah SWT, then it is one of the trigger behavior sin. Ibn al-Qayyim, may Allaah says, "Including the punishment of the perpetrators is disobedience, loss of a real shame that shame is an element of his life and the origin of the hearts of all good. The loss of a sense of shame, means the loss of the good of all. Because of the hadeeth Rasulullah SAW said," Pain shame it all is good. " Let us further consider again the words of Ibn al-Qayyim in more detail in the book Daa'u wa Ad-Ad-Dawaa; it is said, that people who have no shame, that he did not have the elements of humanity, but only flesh and blood and body shape they were just born. "means, in such conditions, people are just like animals, the difference is only a matter of flesh, blood and form of the birth. Brother, The shame can be realized by growing recognition of our deeper the power of Allah SWT. For more aware of one of the Almighty God of SAW, the more he realized the value kecillah himself. Shame can also be encouraged with how we see other people so keep himself from sin. Shame, could also touched by our presence with good people, people who used to force myself to act straight, at any time and anywhere. We must learn from them, my brother. Let's pray together and seek refuge to Allah from being among those who do not know shame. Of those who do not know shame to mankind, especially to God Almighty, 'Umar said, "Whoever is a little embarrassment, is a bit too wara'nya attitudes. And his heart is dead."

crying for not jihad

Seven men were sobbing cry. They can only look one by one, the Islamic mujahideen who had left Medina. Noble's departure is certainly not coming back to town this prophet. But that is the desire of all people, including seven who are now in tears.

Ibn Kathir in his commentary upon record their names: Salim bin 'Umair, harami bin Amr, Abdurrahman ibn Ka'b, bin Salman Shakhr, Abdur-Rahman bin Yazid, Anamah Amr bin Abdullah bin Amr al-Muzni. They actually have intentions and sincerity that is equal to all other friends; to jihad fi Sabilillah. Departure to Tabuk to reach syahadah, or return with victory and Izzah.

Tabuk is not a place but a close. It takes fifteen days' journey with horses. Hence the Prophet long ago had to "brief" her to the friends ready. Ready physically and mentally, financially ready. One form of financial preparation is the vehicle of war; horses. One horse for two people. That's the problem.

Until just before leaving, the Prophet did not also get the extra horses to carry them. Sadness was whack them. Meet all the recesses of our hearts and manifests itself in sobs and tears. They are not crying because of falling prestige, but because the loss of opportunities striving in His way. Crying is getting to be, when they knew that it was perpetuated by God:

ولا على الذين إذا ما أتوك لتحملهم قلت لا أجد ما أحملكم عليه تولوا وأعينهم تفيض من الدمع حزنا ألا يجدوا ما ينفقون

and gone (too) guilty of the people when they come to you, that ye may give them a vehicle, then you say: "I do not get the vehicle to take you." then they returned, their eyes streaming with tears because of sadness, because they do not get what they spend. (Surat At-Tauba: 92)

These days we know how the Palestinians are mourning. Masjid Al-Aqsa holy humiliated. The synagogue was established on the ground that the mosque complex. Muslim houses razed to the ground before it was built Jewish settlements there. Deprived the people of honor, and glory of the Muslims dinistakan.

Do not we also deserve to cry because we can not welcome this call to the Islamic cause? Are not we 'must' to cry because we "do not get the vehicle" and repeatedly attack it has, resulting in many casualties?

Tears were not meant to dipersaksikan to the audience who do not understand its meaning and does not impact anything. Enough tears in our solitude, accompanied by absorption of our prayers. Let the Muslim cry tears just heard God, but absorption into tears and prayers that will thrill his Throne. Then open the path of struggle or come his defense in a way we never expected. But if none of the tears that fell or down lids, lest this heart has been hardened and petrified. [Muchlisin]

When You No Shame, Act As you wish

One of al-Qa'nabi preach this story. 'My father was a drunk and always mix with the young toughs.
One day he invited his friends and sat in front of the door, waiting for their arrival. As he waited, passed in front Syu'bah donkey denngan, followed by a number of racing behind him to catch up. "Who's that?" Said al-Qa'nabi. "Syu'bah," said someone who sat near him. "And who the hell Syu'bah it?" "A hadith scholars." "Recite a hadith for me."
The word al-Qa'nabi the (then) wearing a red dress. "You is not from among experts of hadith, I have no obligation to you." Syu'bah said.
Al-Qa'nabi took a knife and pointed it toward the Syu'bah. "You will narrate a hadith to me, or I'll hurt you!" Warned Al-Qa'nabi. 'Mansur narrated to us, "Syu'bah began," From Rabi'i from Abu Mas'ud, he said: The Messenger of Allaah alaihi wasallam said: "If you are not ashamed, do as you please." (Bukhari 6120).
Al-Qa'nabi threw the knife into the ground and back into the house. He took all the bottles of wine and pouring it into the ground. He said to his mother, "My friends would come soon. When they come, let them go and offer them food. After they finished, say what I did to (bolot-bottle) wine, so they will go. " Al-Qa'nabi were soon leaving for Medina, where he spent the next years of his life as a disciple of Imam Malik ibn Anas, and have the honor of the hadeeth narrated from the Imam. Source:
Stories of Repentance, the author: Muhammad Abduh Maghawiri

low (intonation) voice

High-low (intonation) voice is an important part of one's expression of positive feelings. How does one use intonation reflects the quality of people concerned. In fact, melodious voice can be hurt even if it is not properly articulated. God's servants advised him through the speech Luqman, "... Low voice. Indeed, the worst sound is a donkey." (Luqman [31]: 19) Someone who spoke in a loud voice or scold other people will not give good impression on the other side. In addition, in most cases, something like this was unbearable, like listening to the roar of a donkey. In other words, the way people talk is important. The voice of people who are afflicted irate may sound uncomfortable, although the voice was male or female, in a normal atmosphere, perhaps ditelinga sweet. On the other hand, too, someone with no pleasant voice chanting could be heard more tuneful if followed commendable values of Al-Qur `an. Melodious voice, on the other hand, may seem overwhelming attack and, if that person is arrogant and painful impression. Because the sound person, which is a reflection of the negative nature of self, whether male or female, tend to complain and inciting. Like the sound, they always have berakhlaq noble modest nature, polite, humble, peaceful, and constructive. With a positive perspective in life, they are always cheerful, enthusiastic, bright, and cheerful. This perfect nature, which arise from the morality of life behavior as described in Al-Qur `an, manifested in a person's voice sang.

Evil and more evil into good is Umar bin khatab

 Umar Islam when the adherents of Islam approximately 40 (forty) persons consisting of men and women.

Imam Tirmidhi, Imam Thabrani and Justice has been narrated with the same history that the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him had prayed, "O Lord, glorify the Islamic religion with the people you love most between these two, ie Umar ibn al-Khattab or Abu Jahl 'Amr ibn Hisham. ".

With regard to the entry of 'Umar ibn al-Khattab to Islam narrated by Ibn Sa'ad revealed by Imam Suyuti in his book "Tarikh al-Khilafat-e-Rashidah" as follows:

Anas bin Malik said: "One day 'Umar came out carrying his sword, and Bani Zahrah said:" O Umar, to where are you?, "' Umar then said," I'm going to kill Muhammad. "Then people were asked:" What about peace has been made between the Bani Hashim with Venus, while you are going to kill Muhammad ".

Then someone had said, "No you know that your sister and brother-in-law had left the religion". Then 'Umar went to the house he saw his sister and brother-in-law was reading a sheet of Al-Quran, then Umar said, "maybe they really have to convert",. So Umar jumped up and stepped on it hard, and her sister (Fatima bint al-Khattab) came pushing Omar, but Omar slapped so hard that her sister's face to bleed.

Then Umar said: "Give sheets (al-Quran) to me, I want to read it", then the sister said. "You were in a state of filth should not be touched unless you are in a state of purity, if you want to know the engaku wash (perform ablution / purification) . '. Then Umar stood up and showered (purity) and then read the sheet (the Qur'aan) is the letter to Taha verse, "Verily I am Allah, there is no tuhanselain I, therefore worship Me steadfast in prayer to remember me." (Qs.Thaha: 14 ). After that 'Umar said, "Take me to see Muhammad.".

Umar heard this directly from Khabbab out sembunyianya saying: "O Umar, I feel happy, I hope prayer that the Prophet uttered on Thursday night became a reality, he (the Prophet) prayed," O Lord, glorify the Islamic religion with You are the most loved among these two, ie Umar ibn al-Khattab or Abu Jahl 'Amr ibn Hisham. ".

Then Umar went to the place of Muhammad peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him, in front of the door stood Hamzah, Talha and other friends. Then Hamza and said, "if Allah wills good for him, surely he would convert to Islam, but if there is another goal we will kill him". So then Umar Islam declared before the Messenger of Allaah be upon him wassalam.

Then bertambahlah glory of Islam and Muslims with the entry of Umar, as was narrated by Imam Bukhari from Ibn Mas'ud, and said, "Our greatness increased since the entry of 'Umar.".

Umar participated in the battle done with the Prophet, and survive in the battle of Uhud with the Prophet as described by Imam Suyuti in "Tarikh al-Khulafa'ar Rasyidin".

Messenger gives the title of al-Faruq to him, as was narrated by Ibn Sa'ad from Dzakwan, as he said, "I have been asked to Aisha," Who is calling the name Omar al-Faruq? ", Then Aisha said" Allah ".

Imam Bukhari hadith of Abu Hurairah, the Prophet said: "It has been there from the nations before thee the reformers, and if there are innovators of my people shall 'Umarlah people". This hadith by Imam Hakim dishahihkan. Similarly, Al-Tirmidhi has narrated from 'Uqbah bin Amir that the Prophet said, "If there was a prophet after me, of course, Umar ibn al-Khattab one.".

Narrated by Tirmidhi from Ibn 'Umar he said, "The Prophet has said:" Verily Allah has poured the truth through the tongue and heart Umar ". His son Omar (Abdullah) said, "What has been said by my father (Umar) about something like what happened then predicted by my father".


History of Ibn 'Asaakir has narrated from' Ali, he said, "I do not know anyone who immigrated to the hidden secret except bi Umar al-Khattab did with bright open". Where Umar said, wearing a sword and bow arrows in the shoulder and then he went to the Kaaba, where the Quraysh was in the yard, then he did as much as 7 times thawaf and do pray 2 cycles in the Station of Abraham.

Then he went to their clubs one by one and said, "Whoever the mother gave up her death, her son became orphans and his wife a widow, then meet with me in the back of the valley". Testimony showed the courage Radhiyallahu'Anhu Umar.

His death

On Wednesday, 23-month H Dzulhijah year he died, he was stabbed while on the Morning Prayer he was stabbed by a Zoroastrian named Abu Lu'luah owned slaves bin al-Mughirah Syu'bah he allegedly received orders from the Zoroastrians. Umar was buried beside the Prophet and Abu Bakr al Siddiq, he died at the age of 63 years. [ahlulhadits]

Copied from a biography of Ibn al-Khattab 'Umar Ibn Sa'ad in Tahbaqat, Tarikh al-Imam Suyuti Khulafa'ar Rasyidin

Al-Aqsa Mosque Attacked we just saw the news and did not act

After claiming Masjid Al-Abrahamic and Bilal bin Rabah Mosque as a site of Jewish heritage, Israel continued to target al-Aqsa Mosque. At least twenty Palestinians were injured in clashes in the Al-Aqsa Mosque yesterday. This clash stems from Jewish extremists attacked the efforts of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Palestinians who do not want a third holy mosque Muslims were stained with action immediately. They held the Jewish extremists. However, the Israeli police who were ready to protect extremist act immediately. The clash was inevitable. Palestinians rely on the rock to resist the Israeli police used rubber bullets and tear gas. In addition 20 people were injured, 11 other Palestinians were also reported in the kidnap in the incident.
Islamic world can only Cursing
As before, the Muslim countries and Islamic organizations can only condemn the incident address. Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) condemned the attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque and warned about the dangerous consequences of such action "Any damage to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and other holy places will result in serious consequences to the dangers of the unpredictable security and world peace," Secretary General of the OIC, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu warned. Some Arab countries and Muslim countries tend to be even still, like a blind eye to this event. While the Palestinian Authority government under the leadership of President Mahmoud Abbas, who collaborated with the Israelis to make the Zionist regime grew bolder do acts of assault and destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This event is just one part of a series of attacks and oppression to the Al-Aqsa mosque. Not the first, especially the latter.
Muslim countries silence Be Like His people
Egypt, for example. Countries with a Muslim majority population is not so concerned with the Palestinian state, including al-Aqsa mosque. Under Mubarak, Egypt supporting the Zionist precisely isolate Gaza from the outside world. This is evidenced by Egypt's willingness to build a steel wall of Egypt. Egypt as not listening to the students held a demonstration to protest the Zionist violations in the area of al-Quds and the actions of the Zionist settlers settlers who invaded Al-Aqsa mosque and attacked the congregation. The demonstrators also called for providing assistance to the Palestinian resistance with weapons and providing material support to the resistance factions of Palestine. The demonstrators claimed that the power is the only language understood by the Zionist entity. They criticized the government's silence Arabs, including Egypt witnessed continuous attacks against the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Islamic world still Infertility to Childbirth Al-Ayyubid Saladin New
Events annexation Abrahamic mosque, the discovery of a new Zionist excavation under Al-Aqsa, and the invasion of Al-Aqsa mosque is done in the month of Rabi 'al-Awal. This reminds Muslims of the event 848 years ago. At that Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque is under the grip of forces of the cross. But the Islamic world are able to offer Al-Ayyubid Saladin who led the mujahideen to free the third holy mosque and restore Palestine to the hands of Islam. History is still waiting for heroes like Saladin and the Ayyubid al-mujahidin who go liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque. Can not be denied, for now the Islamic world is still barren can give birth to Al-Ayyubid Saladin new.