Have You Thinking

Have you ever thought that you did not exist before being born into this world, and you've created from an absence?

Have you ever wondered how flowers that every day you see in the living room, which grew from the black soil, it has a smell of fragrant and colorful?

Have you ever thought of a mosquito, which is very annoying when you are flying around, flaps its wings with the speed so high that we are not able to see it?

Have you ever thought that the outer layer of fruits such as bananas, watermelons, melons and oranges serve as wrappings of highly qualified, who wrapped up the flesh so that the flavor and fragrance to stay awake?

Have you ever thought that an earthquake might come unexpectedly when you're sleeping, which destroys luluhkan home, office and your city to the ground so that in a few seconds, you also lose everything you have in this world?

Have you ever thought that your life went by very quickly, you too are getting older and weaker, and is slowly losing his good looks or beauty, health and your strength?

Have you ever thought that one day, the angel of death sent by God will come and get to take your leave of this world?

If so, have you ever wondered why men so bound by the life of the world that will soon leave them and they should use as a place to work hard in achieving happiness in the afterlife?

Humans are creatures of God who has the means to think. But unfortunately, most of them do not use the facilities is very important as it should. Even the fact that some people almost never think.

In fact, every person has a level of thinking ability that often he himself did not realize it. When starting to use these thinking skills, the facts that until now could not know, gradually began to open before him. The deeper he thought, the more bertambahlah capacity to think and this may well apply to everyone.

It must be realized that each person has a need to think and use his wits as much as possible.

"And on that day demonstrated Hell Fire, and on that day man will remember but no longer useful to remember that for him. He said, "I wish I would first mngerjakan (good deeds) for my life." (Surat Al-Fajr, 89:23-24)

Someone who does not think are very far from the truth and live a life full of falsehood and error. As a result he will not know the purpose of creation of nature, and the meaning of his existence in the world. In fact, God has created everything for a purpose as stated in the Qur'an:

"And We did not create the heavens and the earth and all between them in play. We did not create them except with truth, but most of them do not know. "(Surat Ad-Dukhan, 44: 38-39)

"So if you think that We created you for playing games (alone), and that you will not be returned to Us?" (Surat al-Muminun, 23:115)

Therefore, the very first time obliged to think in depth by every person is the purpose of creation itself, then all he saw in nature around and all incidents or events that she encountered during her life. The man who does not think of it, will only know these facts after he died. That is when he accounted for all mempertanggung deeds before God; but unfortunately it was too late.

Allah says in the Qur'an that on the day penghisaban, each man will think and see the truth or the fact that:

"And on that day demonstrated Hell Fire, and on that day man will remember but no longer useful to remember that for him. He said, "I wish I would have used to do (good deeds) for my life." (Surat Al-Fajr, 89:23-24)

And God has given us the opportunity to live in the world. Thought or reflection to then take the conclusions or lessons from what we consider to understand the truth, will yield something of value for life in the hereafter. For this reason, God requires that all human beings, through the prophets and the books of his, to think and reflect on their own creation and the universe:

"And why did they not think about (the incident) themselves?, God did not create the heavens and the earth and what is between them but with the right goals and time specified. And indeed most of the people really are disbelievers in the meeting with his Lord. "(Surat ar-Rum, 30: 8)

How can the genie into the human body?

How can the genie into the human body?
There are various ways, but the most common way is through magic. Human body parts most often used as a genie as "entrance" is the heart and brain.

In terms of the entry, the genie is usually the most frequently entered into the human body at the time:
We are very sad (meaning great sadness, perhaps to stress)
we're very happy (the opposite of number 1)
genie felt oppressed. For example when the hot water pours into a place, there was a genie. Therefore, each time doing anything, do not forget to say Basmallah.
jin likes to humans.

The characteristics of people affected by jinn
Note: These characteristics indicative only. That is, if you experience these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that you get the genie).

In general, the characteristics of affected jin divided into two parts:
1. when we are awake
2. when we fall asleep

when we are awake:
there is no spirit alive
idle worship
many fanciful
a sudden cry or laugh without obvious reason
eat a lot but not full
not eaten but stuffed continue
always was was
very sensitive to the genie (can "see" jin)
hate to see people sholeh
imitating the movements of animals
often felt a vibration or heat
palpitations for no apparent reason
beating or feel hot when reading the Qur'an

when we fall asleep
more sleep
often felt "crushed" by the alien

doing strange movements
frequent nightmares and sustainable (dream continued ?)
often see a strange animal
ancestral spirits meet
was strangled

If you have been hit by a genie, or feel exposed genie, what should be done?
1. multiply dhikr
2. ruqiah therapy (reading to ask for healing).


Once upon a time there lived a big apple tree and the boy who liked to play under the tree every day. He liked to climb up into the treetops, eating fruit, lay down in the shade of the shade leaves. The boy loved the tree. Similarly, the apple tree loved the little boy.

Time flies. The boy has now grown up and no longer playing with the apple tree every day. One day he went to the apple tree. His face looked sad. "Come over here and play with me," pleaded the apple tree. "I'm not a little kid playing with the tree again," replied the boy. "I'd love to have a toy, but I do not have money to buy it." The tree replied, "Sorry, but I did not have money ... but you can pick all my apple fruit and sell it. You can get the money to buy toys kegemaranmu." The boy was so pleased. He grabbed all the apples on the tree and left happily. However, after that the boy never came back. The tree was sad.

One day the boy returned again. The tree was so excited. "Come play with me anymore," said the apple tree. "I do not have the time," replied the boy. "I have to work for my family. We need a house for shelter. Will you help me?" "Sorry, but I do not have a house. But you can cut all the branches rantingku to build your house," said the apple tree. Then the boy cut all the branches of the tree and left happily. The tree was also felt happy to see the boy happy, but the boy never came back again. The tree was again lonely and sad.

On one summer, the boy returned again. The tree was delighted to feel welcome. "Come and play deganku," said the apple tree. "I'm sad," said the boy. "I am old and want to live in peace. I want to go on holiday and sailing. Will you give me a boat to cruise?" "Sorry, but I do not have a boat, but you can cut the trunk of my body and use it to make a boat that you want. Go sailing and have fun." Later, the boy cut the tree trunk and make diidamkannya ship. He then went sailing and never again came to the apple tree.

Finally, the boy returned again after so many years later. "I'm sorry my son," said the apple tree. "I do not have more apples for you." "It's okay. I had not have teeth to bite the fruit apelmu," replied the boy. "I do not have trunks and branches that you can climb," said the apple tree. "Now, I'm too old for that," replied the boy. "I really do not have anything else can I give to you. All that remains is the root-akarku old and dying," said the apple tree with tears. "I do not need anything else right now," said the boy. "I just need a place to rest. I was very tired after all these years." "Oooh, very nice. Did you know, the roots of old trees is the best place to lie down and rest. Come, let us lay in the arms of the root-akarku and rest in peace." The boy lay in the arms of tree roots. The tree was glad and smiled with tears.

This is the story of us all. The tree is our parent. When we are young, we liked to play with our mother and father. When we grow up, we left them, and only come when we need something or in trouble. No matter what, our parents will always be there to give what they can give to make us happy. You might think that the boy had been acting very rough on the tree, but that's the way we treat our parents.

Spread this story to brighten more colleagues. And, most important: to love our parents. Tell our parents now, how much we loved him and thanked him for his entire life has been and will be handed to us.