Lust is the propensity soul to the things which are in harmony with his will.The nature of this skewness has been created in human beings for their survival.ecause if there is no appetite for food, beverage and other biological needs are not necessarily more likely to eat, drink and meet his biological needs.Lust pushed him to the things he wants them. As a sense of emotional prevent it from things that hurt him.
Therefore should not be absolutely critical passions and should not be praised too absolute. But because the people who follow the habits of lust, passion and emotion can not be stopped until the limit is useful only from that lust, passion and emotion blamed, because the amount of harm caused.
People are always tested in connection with passion, not like animals, and every time he experienced various upheavals, then he must have two silencers, which reason and religion. Then instructed to lift all the religious passions and common sense. And he should always obey the decision of the silencer.
Then how the solution for people who are already hooked from the lust that apart from  He can be released from bondage desires with the help of God and His taufik through the following treatment:
  • Determination of burning burning jealousy against him
  • Sip patience to motivate him to be patient over the perceived bitterness when restraint desires.mental strength to cultivate patience keberaniaanya sip the drink. Because of the nature of the courage of these goods is to be patient for a moment! best stock in one's life is a patient servant!.
  • Always consider the good results obtained and the recovery of a gulp of patience.
  • Always remember the bitter grief that is felt rather than delicacy of passion to obey Position and dignity in the sight of Allah and in the hearts of His servants better and useful than delicacy to follow the demands of lust.
  • Let the sweet preference and tasty chaste and glory than the delicacy of his disobedience
  • Always thought that he was created not to his own whims and desires but he created for a large case, which is to worship God the creator himself. The case can not be achieved except by nyeleksi passion.

Animals must not better off than you! Because the nature he has, animals know what is useful and what is dangerous for him. More livestock put things useful than things that are dangerous. Humans have been given reason to distinguish, if he is unable to distinguish what is good and what is dangerous or knowing but rather putting a danger to him is clearly better cattle than on him.

(Quoted with the necessary changes from Asbaabut Takhallush minal Hawaa by Al Imam Ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah)

Strength Hasballah

These photos cover the lid on CNN and the BBC
Human beings will never be able to resist every disaster, conquering every pain, and prevent any disaster with his own strength. They will be able to handle all that well, only if it handed over all things to God. If so, then the sentence is one hasbalah best speech ever expect his help. The sentence reads hasbalah Hasbunallah ni'mal vice ni'mal wa wa ni'mal Natsir Maula (the helper of God suffices us and God is the best Protector). Hasbalah readings were also spoken by the Prophet Muhammad when he was the adversity of siege for several weeks by troops in the war Ahzab Trench in the City of Medina. With these readings, the Messenger Muhammad and the Muslims came out as winners. Qur'an immortalize the event in a letter Ali Imran [3]: 173,''Those (who obey Allah and His Messenger) that told them there were people who said, 'Behold, the man has put together an army to attack you, so fear to them. " Then it adds the words of their faith and they replied, 'Allah suffices as a helper to us and God is the best Protector'.'' Finally, when the U.S. Abraham was thrown into the lake of fire by the followers of King Nimrod bin Kan'an, he said Hasbunallah wa ni'mal representatives, and the fire suddenly become cold. This is reported by the Prophet Muhammad,''End of sentence uttered by Abraham when thrown into the fire is Hasbunallah wani'mal representatives. ''(Bukhari).
Narrated, when the Prophet Abraham started to put the U.S. in the flames, Gabriel came and said,''Do you need me?''He replied,''If you do not, but if to God, yes.''Then Allah says, "We said, 'O fire be coolness and safety for Abraham'." (Surat al-Anbiya '[21]: 69).
According to Ibn Kathir, the sentence is also spoken by hasbalah 'Ayesha RA when she expects the help of God, in time hoaxes (haditsul ifqi) about her circulation. It was recorded in a letter of An-Nur [24]: 11-26).
History has been preaching the power hasbalah spoken by the prophets and the righteous ones, when they face a big test or a severe temptation. Strength beyond any power in this world, and emphasized the spirit of unity to the person who spoke. Namely, that only God alone he surrendered, and that all beings in his hand is weak.

The fruit of the tree your success

Lessons of life are often simple, even we can mirror the lives of our children alone. Ever, in as a child, we see the dense fruiting mango tree in the yard next door? Usually we moved to climb and pick a few items for our meal with friends - friends to play. Or, if too high to climb, we collect pebbles and busy-busy throwing fruit hanging from it. When I was little we already know, we would not even throw a pebble at a fruitless tree is not it? If you now like a mango tree that fruits heavily, with varying success to live, so do not blame anyone else who wants to taste it, too. Some success is to enjoy myself, but some others are to be distributed. So before your success tree stoned by the kids next door, it helps you become a good neighbor, willing to share the fruits of your Especially if it turns out some dried leaves your tree turned out to share their yard littered.

The Beloved and the Love of God

Who was the person who did not want to "be loved" by God Almighty.? We all know and believe, that no such person. It's all the same hope: to be loved by God Almighty. But sometimes what we claim "far than fire". Claim your love used to be in 'one of the valley', and God we place 'on the other valley'. It's really ironic. In fact, if we love, we must follow His commandments. At a minimum, the lovers are usually much in something or the name of their beloved ones. And to top that love is: "follow" command and wishes of a loved one. Therefore, when God wanted to test our love to Him, He loved befirman to him (Muhammad PBUH.): "Say (O Muhammad):" If you (really) love Allah, follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. "Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." (Surat Ali 'Imran [3]: 31).
Incredible! If we really love, the word of God, in Him, then we must obey His commands through the Shari'a laws taught by his beloved to us. That way, he's loving us. We are also not only won his love, but also Maghfirah him, our sins will be forgiven by Him. Allahu Akbar! Less especially love God has for us? Is not Allah is Forgiving and Merciful?
Then, what if we do not love Him and disobeying His commandments? Is God going to hurt? Of course not! Love and obedience we will come back to us. God did not will never feel hurt. For God did not need to His creatures. But on the contrary, all His creatures need Him. If the entire nature of God is rejected; durhka to God, not love Him, even to atheists all else; position of God will never change and shift as Rabbu'l-'Alamîn. He will remain as the Lord of the universe. He will remain the Merciful and the Most Merciful; Almighty, Almighty, etc. Wise.
"Worshiping" it is our duty as His creatures. Jinn and humans are "servant" of God: to serve and worship Him. Indeed it is the purpose of their creation (Surat al-Dzâriyât [51]: 56). But remember, God does not need anything from the jinn and mankind. God himself has asserted: "I do not want the least of their sustenance and I do not want that they gave me to eat. Allah, He is the Giver of sustenance has more power Steadfast. "(Surat al-Dzâriyât [51]: 57-58). Subhanallah! Most holy God, who does not need to His creatures.
Today we witness many phenomena "murtadisasi" Muslims. Many of our brothers who dimurtadkan, out of this perfect religion. There is a forced, but not a few who came out alias apostate willingly. The reason was religious, because there is poor; there is because medical costs are too high, eventually sacrificing the noble Islamic theology. Billah Na'udzu min dzalik. For that apostasy from Islam is noble, no problem. God will not be harmed, as well as Muslims. This was never disindir by Allah.: "O ye who believe, whosoever of you is an apostate from the religion, then Allah will bring a people that God loves them and they love Him, to be gentle toward people who are believers, that being hard on the unbelievers, who strive the way of Allah, and who is not afraid to rebuke those who like to criticize. That is the gift of God, given to whom He wills, and Allah is (giving him), the Knower. "(Surat al-Mâ'idah [5]: 54).
Look! God will replace the people who came out of his religion with people who dincintai by God and they love Him. The proof is a lot. On average, people who enter and embrace Islam is their great service in defending the religion of God. In contrast, the exit of the religion of Islam, the average is not strong belief and faith. Is not this the word of God proves kebenara above? Those who have embraced Islam is not half-hearted love for God Almighty. For example, for instance: Welfred Murad Wilfried Hofmann (Germany), Maurice Bucaille (France), Hj. Irene Handono (Indonesia), Dr. Majdi Marjan (Egypt), etc.. Everything is very loving God and, of course, God loves them too.
Therefore, we do not want to miss. Let us earn the love of God Almighty. How? Adhere to the religion of God teguhlah this. God also forbid us to leave this world, but in keadaam Muslims: converts to Islam (Surah Ali 'Imran [3]: 102). Also, let us optimally attempted to follow the commands of Allah and His messenger and maintain ourselves in order not to violate his restrictions and prohibitions of His apostles. After that, God willing, will greet the love of God and 'flushed' us. Let us prove it together!
"Most holy love him ahead of his anger, for his lovers. He praised them for what he gave to them. He bought what He has given them and highlight the properties of the last of them, because their nature is like putting the needs of others. He was proud of them in their fast and love the smell of their mouths. This really is a preserved condition, which could not achieved by a seeker! And not able to achieve the essence of his nature by an even preachers. "(Ibn al-Jawzi (d. 597 AH), Shayd al-Khâthir, ).

Be honest

Honesty is a phrase we often hear and be subject. However, the talks could be just covering the outside only and has not touched the core discussion of the meaning of truth itself. Moreover, cases that honesty is the case with many issues related to Islam, whether it is the creed, morality or muamalah; in which the latter has many branches, such as buying and selling things, debts, oaths, and so on.

Honesty is an admirable trait. God flatter those who have an honest character and abundant reward promised to them. Included in the fair is the honest to God, honest with each other and honest with yourself. As contained in a saheeh hadeeth that the Prophet said,

"Always you honest, because honesty is indeed leads to virtue and virtue leads to paradise. Someone who is always honest and try to always be honest, finally written on the side of God as one who is always honest. And shun a lie because the lie that leads to disobedience, and disobedience brought down to hell. Someone who always lied and always lie, until finally written on the side of God as a liar. "

Definition of Honesty

Honestly significant alignment of the news with the existing reality. So, if a message in accordance with the existing circumstances, it is true / honest, but if not, it is said to lie. There's honesty in speech, also exist in the act, as one who does an act, of course according to that of the inner. One who did riya 'is not said to be an honest man because he had showed something different than what he was hiding (inner). Similarly, a hypocrite is not said to be an honest man because he showed himself as one of Tawheed, and vice versa. The same applies also to the perpetrators of heresy; outwardly appear as a follower of the Prophet, but essentially he menyelisihi him. Obviously, honesty is the nature of a believer, while his opponent, falsely, is the nature of hypocrites.

Imam Ibn al-Qayyim said, Faith is the principle of honesty (truth) and the principle is nifaq untruth. So, I would never see the lies and the faith it will conflict with one another. God tells us that nothing is useful for a slave and who can save him from punishment, except honesty (truth).

Allah says,

"This is a day that will benefit people correct their truth." (Surat al-Maidah: 119)

"And the man who brought the truth (Muhammad) and justify it, they are the ones who fear Allah." (Surat az-Zumar: 33)

Honest virtue

The Prophet always suggested his followers to be honest because honesty is the noble character of the preamble that would lead the owner to the character, as described by the Prophet,

"Truly honesty leads to goodness."

Virtue is anything that covers the meaning of kindness, obedience to God, and do benevolent to others.

Address the nature of truth is Islam, the scales of faith, the basis of religion, and also a sign of excellence for the owner of this trait. For her high position in the world and the hereafter. With honesty, a servant will achieve the degree of those noble and safe from all evil.

Honesty always brings a blessing, as quoted in the hadith narrated by Hakim bin Hizam of the Prophet, he said,

"The seller and the buyer given a chance to think while they have not split up. If they are honest and make an explanation of the goods bought and sold, they will receive blessings in their sale. Conversely, if they are deceptive and secretive about what must be explained about the goods bought and sold, it will be erased keberkahannya. "

In everyday life, and this is clear proof, we find an honest man in bermuamalah with others, provision smooth-smooth course, other people vying to come to bermuamalah him, feeling calm with him and go get the Glory and the name good. With so perfect for her happiness in this world and akherat.

It is not we find an honest man, but other people love him, praised him. Both friends and enemies to feel reassured him. Unlike the liar. Sendiripun friend did not feel safe, let alone an enemy or opponent. How beautiful an honest speech, and the evil words of a liar.

Honest people who were given the mandate in the form of property, rights and secrets as well. If you then make a mistake or error, honesty, with the permission of Allah, will be able to save him. While liars, sawipun grain will not be believed. Even if sometimes Itupun not expected to bring honesty and trust tranquility. With honesty is the legal agreement and calm the heart. Anyone who honestly speaking, answering, rule (to which ma'ruf), banning (from the unjust), reading, dhikr, give, take, then he side of God and mankind is said to be an honest person, loved, respected and trusted . Kesaksiaannya is the truth, the law fairly, rewarding muamalahnya, majlisnya give blessings because it is far from riya 'search for a name. Did not expect his actions but to God, whether in prayer, Zakah, fasting, Hajj, silence, and the conversation it was only to God alone, does not want the good or deception khiyanat. Does not require a reply or my gratitude except to God. Tell the truth though and be indifferent to the bitter taunts of detractors in his honesty. And no one's hanging out with him but feel safe and believe in himself, against his property and his family. So he is the guardian of trust for people who are still alive, the holder will, for people who have died and the property maintenance savings will be fulfilled to the person entitled.

One who is faithful and honest, do not lie and do not say except good. How many verses and hadiths that advocate for honest and true, as he says that following God's word,

"O ye who believe, fear Allah and be with people who care." (Surat at-Tauba: 119)

"This is a day that will benefit people correct their truth. For them heaven beneath which rivers flow. They will dwell therein for ever. God's pleasure with them and they with Him pleasure. That is the greatest fortune. "(Surat al-Maidah: 119)

"Among the believers there are people who keep what they had promised to God. Among them is the fall. And among them are (also) is waiting for the slightest and they never changed (their determination). "(Surat al-Ahzab: 23)

"But if they're right (faith) of Allah, so it is better for them." (Surah Muhammad: 21)

The Prophet said, "Leave what is not doubt for doubt, true honesty, (bringing) peace and lies, (bringing) the doubt."

Macam-Macam Honesty
Honest in intention and the will. This return to sincerity. If a charity tercampuri with the interests of both, it will damage the integrity of intention, and the perpetrators can be regarded as a liar, as the story of three people who are opposed to God, which is a mujahid, a reciter ', and a philanthropist. God considered all three have lied, not on their actions but on their intent and purpose.
Truthful in speech. Mandatory for a servant to keep her spoken, does not say except the true and honest. Right / honest in saying that honesty is the best kind of look and the light of the various honesty.
Honest in the determination and promise. Examples like someone saying, "If God gives me wealth, I'd spend it all in the way of Allah." So that this is the determination. Sometimes true, but sometimes also in doubt or lie. This was as the word of God:
"Among the believers there are people who keep what they had promised to Allah, and among them there was a fall. And among them are (also) is waiting for the slightest and they never changed (their determination). "(Surat al-Ahzab: 23)

In another verse, Allah says,

"And among them are some who have vowed to God, 'Surely, if God gave part of his gift to us, certainly we will give alms and we certainly among the righteous.' Then, after God gave them some of the gifts Him, they were stingy with the gift, and turned away, and they are indeed the people who always backs (the truth). "(Surat at-Tauba: 75-76)
Honest in deed, that is balanced between the outer and inner, that is not different between the charity was born with inner charity, as stated by Mutharrif, "If the same between the inner an outer slave, Allah will say, 'This is a true servant / honest." "
Honest in the position of religion. This is the highest position, as honest in fear and hope, in the sense of love and resignation. These cases have a strong foundation, and will appear if understood the nature and purpose. If a person becomes perfect with honesty then people will say this is true and honest, as the word of God,

"Those who believe only those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, then they did not hesitate, and they strive with their wealth and their lives in the way of Allah, they are the ones who care." (Surat al -Hujurat: 15)

Realization of these things require hard work. There's no way someone manggapai this position until he completely understands its nature. Each position (state) has its own circumstances. There are times when weak, sometimes too strong. At strong, it is said to be an honest man. And to be honest with each position (condition) is very heavy. Sometimes on certain conditions he was honest, but in other places instead. One sign of honesty is to hide the obedience and hardship, and not like other people know.


People who always do the truth and honesty, can not but remark, deeds, and it always shows it. Allah has commanded the Prophet to ask him to make every step is above the truth as the word of God,

"And say (O Muhammad), 'Oh my God, put me in the right entry and remove it (too) I'm in right out and give me from Thy hand power to help." (Surat al-Isra': 80)

God also told of the Prophet Abraham who begged him to be recalled good fruit.

"And I'd make a good fruit said to the people (who came) later." (Surat al-Shu'ara: 84)

The nature of honesty in this case is a right that has tertetapkan, and connected to God. He will come to Him, so that the return will be sought in the world and the hereafter. God has explained about the people who do good, and praise them for what they have done, either in the form of faith, charity or patience. That they are honest men and true. Allah says,

"It is not your faces towards east and west is a virtue, but it is actually good faith in Allah, days later, the angels, the books, the prophets and gives wealth to the friend beloved relatives, orphans , the poor, the traveler (who needed help) and the people who beg, and (liberating) slave, founded the prayer, and practice regular charity; and the people who kept his word when he promised, and the people the patient in hardship, suffering and war. They are the ones who really (faith) and it is they who restrain themselves. "(Surat al-Baqara: 177)

Described here with the light that truth is evident in outward deeds and this is the position of Islam and Iman. Honesty and sincerity is the realization of both Islamic and security.

People who appeared on Islamic dhahir (appearance) is divided into two: the believers (who believe) and hypocrites (hypocrites). Which distinguishes between the two is honesty and truth of faith. Therefore, God calls mensifatinya nature of faith and truth and honesty, as the word of God,

"(Also) for the fuqara who emigrated were expelled from their homes and from their property (because) seeking bounty from Allah and pleasure (His), and aiding Allah and His Messenger. They are the right people. "(Surat al-Hashr: 8)

The opposite of truth is a lie. And lies including major sin, as God's word,

"We ask God to curse inflicted upon those who lie." (Surah Ali Imran: 61)

Lie is a sign of hypocrisy, as mentioned in the hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said,

"The signs of the hypocrite are three cases, namely when he speaks a lie, when he promised to deny and if given the trust he betrayed." (Narrated by Bukhari, Kitab-Iman: 32)

Lie will lead to disobedience, and disobedience will be plunged into hell. Danger lies very large, and the resulting punishment is so terrible, then it mandatory for us to always be honest in word, deed, and muamalah us. Thus, if we are always away from the lies, surely we will be rewarded for people who are honest and safe from the punishment of the liar. Waallahu best.

"Who is more unjust than he who invents a lie against Allah and deny the truth when it comes to him? Is not in hell Hell is a place to stay for those who disbelieve? And those who brought the truth (Muhammad) and justify it, they are the ones who fear Allah. They get what they want on the side of their Lord. Such is the reward the people who do good, that God will cover (pardon) for their worst deeds they did and returned them with a better wage than what they have done. "(Surat az-Zumar: 32 -- 35)