crying for not jihad

Seven men were sobbing cry. They can only look one by one, the Islamic mujahideen who had left Medina. Noble's departure is certainly not coming back to town this prophet. But that is the desire of all people, including seven who are now in tears.

Ibn Kathir in his commentary upon record their names: Salim bin 'Umair, harami bin Amr, Abdurrahman ibn Ka'b, bin Salman Shakhr, Abdur-Rahman bin Yazid, Anamah Amr bin Abdullah bin Amr al-Muzni. They actually have intentions and sincerity that is equal to all other friends; to jihad fi Sabilillah. Departure to Tabuk to reach syahadah, or return with victory and Izzah.

Tabuk is not a place but a close. It takes fifteen days' journey with horses. Hence the Prophet long ago had to "brief" her to the friends ready. Ready physically and mentally, financially ready. One form of financial preparation is the vehicle of war; horses. One horse for two people. That's the problem.

Until just before leaving, the Prophet did not also get the extra horses to carry them. Sadness was whack them. Meet all the recesses of our hearts and manifests itself in sobs and tears. They are not crying because of falling prestige, but because the loss of opportunities striving in His way. Crying is getting to be, when they knew that it was perpetuated by God:

ولا على الذين إذا ما أتوك لتحملهم قلت لا أجد ما أحملكم عليه تولوا وأعينهم تفيض من الدمع حزنا ألا يجدوا ما ينفقون

and gone (too) guilty of the people when they come to you, that ye may give them a vehicle, then you say: "I do not get the vehicle to take you." then they returned, their eyes streaming with tears because of sadness, because they do not get what they spend. (Surat At-Tauba: 92)

These days we know how the Palestinians are mourning. Masjid Al-Aqsa holy humiliated. The synagogue was established on the ground that the mosque complex. Muslim houses razed to the ground before it was built Jewish settlements there. Deprived the people of honor, and glory of the Muslims dinistakan.

Do not we also deserve to cry because we can not welcome this call to the Islamic cause? Are not we 'must' to cry because we "do not get the vehicle" and repeatedly attack it has, resulting in many casualties?

Tears were not meant to dipersaksikan to the audience who do not understand its meaning and does not impact anything. Enough tears in our solitude, accompanied by absorption of our prayers. Let the Muslim cry tears just heard God, but absorption into tears and prayers that will thrill his Throne. Then open the path of struggle or come his defense in a way we never expected. But if none of the tears that fell or down lids, lest this heart has been hardened and petrified. [Muchlisin]