Brother, One of the secrets the expensive gift to our Almighty God in the way people are righteous, because we get enlightenment and refreshment of their exceptional. Able for the automatic keshalihannya spirit radiated from him, or even from the words. Or even the mood became more compliant, the fear of God, nevertheless did disobedience, because of their presence. As before, the Prophet Muhammad's companions used to ask for advice and testament to the Prophet Muhammad, in many occasions. And the Prophet Muhammad delivered his advice with a very wise and so impressive. Until one day a friend named Sa'id ibn Yazid al-Azdi ra memnita on Rasulullah SAW, "I exhort ..." he said to the Prophet Muhammad. Then Rasulullah SAW said, "I'm so ashamed wasiatkan you to Allah as you ashamed of the righteous man." (Narrated by Ahmad) Brother, Giving advice to a believer who asked for advice to his brother, including the Prophet Muhammad's sunnah to be filled. Hadith that gives a closer example of the logic of the pen on the substance of the advice the Prophet Muhammad delivered. On how we can prevent ourselves from sin. About how we can make sense of the shame of sin in our shame for something that we segani. About how our thoughts and behavior should be affected by the condition of people who see us, especially by God who is seeing and All-Knowing. Ashamed to Allah, certainly noble attitude. Embarrassed attitude to God, is clearly not the same as being ashamed of mankind, regardless of the level and degree of man. But the hadeeth which only raises the image can be understood, about the shame of sin. And if someone already has an attitude of shame to God Almighty, that attitude could become a barrier fortress of evil behavior, anytime, anywhere, in papaun conditions. The barrier of sin like that would come if the attitude of shame, only comes from human or from a particular state. Brother, Perhaps many people have not much sense if the God Almighty and All-Knowing monitor the situation himself. While the righteous people before, are people who have a high sense of shame to Allah SWT. The level of their shame to God, until in the form of not doing something that should be done. In a hadith reported by Bukhari mentioned that Ibn `Abbas Asked about the word of Allah SWT, the letter Hud verse 5, which means: "Remember, the real (the hypocrites) turned their chests to hide themselves from him (Muhammad). Remember, at the time they wrapped him in cloth, God knows what they hide and what they reveal, for Allah is Knower of all hearts. " Ibn Abbas, commenting on this verse by saying, "In the past the people who have a sense of shame to be alone and away from the state is directly under the sky, and they do not want to have sex with their wives. Then the verse came down on them." Shidiq Abu Bakr said, "you Malulah to God, so I went to a lavatory and then I take refuge with my clothes with Rabbku shame ..." Even Abu Musa said, when he was bathed in a dark house, he did not dare to stand in shame to God Almighty. " Because the same shame, Ayesha r.a. do not go to the location of the cemetery except by the Prophet Muhammad closed private parts. "In the past I often went to the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad and the tomb of my father (Abu Bakr Siddiq ra) and I may take off some kainku by saying that it was my husband and my father's grave. But when 'Umar was also buried at the cemetery location, I did not come there unless clothes in a sealed condition of embarrassment with Umar " (Narrated by Judge) Brother, That is why the Prophet says that shame is always auspicious. For shame if it disappeared, the emergence of ordinary Ra and not care about the assessment of people, especially the assessment of Allah SWT, then it is one of the trigger behavior sin. Ibn al-Qayyim, may Allaah says, "Including the punishment of the perpetrators is disobedience, loss of a real shame that shame is an element of his life and the origin of the hearts of all good. The loss of a sense of shame, means the loss of the good of all. Because of the hadeeth Rasulullah SAW said," Pain shame it all is good. " Let us further consider again the words of Ibn al-Qayyim in more detail in the book Daa'u wa Ad-Ad-Dawaa; it is said, that people who have no shame, that he did not have the elements of humanity, but only flesh and blood and body shape they were just born. "means, in such conditions, people are just like animals, the difference is only a matter of flesh, blood and form of the birth. Brother, The shame can be realized by growing recognition of our deeper the power of Allah SWT. For more aware of one of the Almighty God of SAW, the more he realized the value kecillah himself. Shame can also be encouraged with how we see other people so keep himself from sin. Shame, could also touched by our presence with good people, people who used to force myself to act straight, at any time and anywhere. We must learn from them, my brother. Let's pray together and seek refuge to Allah from being among those who do not know shame. Of those who do not know shame to mankind, especially to God Almighty, 'Umar said, "Whoever is a little embarrassment, is a bit too wara'nya attitudes. And his heart is dead."