Not the views of the beauty of his face, but dlihat from its hidden beauty of the existing liver
Not in ihat of a fascinating body shape, but the views of the extent to which she covered her body shape.
Not the views of so many of the good that he gave, but the views of the sincerity he gave that good.
Not be seen by how beautiful her voice rebound, but what is often seen from his mouth to talk about.
Not the views of language skills, but seen from the way he speaks.
Is not seen from the courage he dressed, but the views of the extent to which she dared defend his honor.
Is not seen from the worries of people seduced by the streets, but from concern himself that makes people become tempted.
Dlihat not by how much and size of the test which he lived, but the views of the extent to which the exam he gratefully and patiently.
Not the views of the nature ramahnya socially, but seen from the extent to which he can keep himself in the mix of honor.
O Divine ...
who make this heart heart calm, life-moving with life, who saw and who heard, who tawadhu 'in the pleasure
Rabbi ...
Do not make this heart dead, limp in the busyness of life, spiritually barren in the dry, stiff in the cladding jasadi. My new life GOD ... who left this piece of my heart with compassion, love may be the gateway to eternal life ... hakikiuntuk
Amiin Yes RFR ...

"Say, 'Certainly not going to happen to us except what has been established by GOD for us, He is our protector, and only to GOD orang2 faithful put their trust.
'If GOD kemudharatan impose something to you, none can remove it except Him.
And if GOD willed goodness for you, no one who can reject the gift of HIS.
HE gives it to whom kindness sought-after and who He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.
And no one even reptiles (all creatures) on earth but it is God who gives rizqinya, & HE knows where the beast dwells & place of storage.
Everything is written in the book who the real (Lauh Mahfuzh). I put my trust to GOD, my Lord and your Lord. There is not a moving creature but it was he who was holding ubun2nya.
Indeed, my Lord above the road is straight.
And how byk animals who do not (can) take (care) rizqinya own.
It is God who gives Rizqi him & you.

Astaghfirullaahal'azhiim. Illaa Anta La ilaha subhaanaka innii minazhzhaalimin bud.
O Allaah, Ya Allah, Ya Rahmaanu Rahiim Yes, Yes Ghofuuru ...
"I beg pardon of Allah the Exalted. There is no God worthy of worship except You O Allah, Most Holy,
I actually belonged to someone who zhalim. "

"Robbana dholamna anfusana ins in taghfir lanaa wa wa na kuunanna tarhamna He minal khoosiriin"
"O Lord, we have wronged us and if you do not forgive and give grace to us,
then we shall include among those who perish "

"Rabbi auzi'nii an ash-kura nik'matakallatii an'amta 'alayya wa'alaa waalidayya an'amala shalihan tardhaahu wa wa ad-khilnii birahmatikafii' baadikashshaalihiin"
My Lord, grant me the inspiration to remain grateful for Thy favor which has been bestowed Engakau to both me and my father's mother
to do deeds which Thou ridhoi pious, and join me with your grace into class pious servant of servants "