Our success rates

Our success rates, depending on one person - namely our own. What we are able to muster in life - is what we'll be out of life. we can not borrow, request, or to steal other people's success. It is able to inspire others, teach, encourage, and entertain us. But the only live our lives and are able to provide the best option - is ourselves. we do not have to be someone else, to be able to make the world different. Everyone has their own way to change the world - because everyone has the desire. If the desire is within us is the desire to find meaning in life itself - then that is a true desire to change the world. Apart from mere desire, all that happened, the views, and note the action is. Every action produces indeed produce a lot of possibilities, but without action - there's only desire is to fail. Are we interested in changing the world today ...? Prepare ourselves in the unity of desire and action - and the world will be changed.